A/B Testing: Do you know what this technique is?

15 APR. 2024
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A/B Testing: Do you know what this technique is?

A/B Testing: Know All the Keys

Have you ever worried because you don’t have enough conversions? Don’t worry, it’s quite common in many companies, but luckily, this can increase thanks to an A/B test.

However, you may not be familiar with this method, which can help you gather more precise information to optimize your marketing campaign. The problem? It requires discipline, consistency, and a lot of organization, but if you have a team capable of accepting this challenge, then you won’t have any issues learning more about the A/B test and how it works.


What is an A/B Test?

A/B testing is what’s known as a randomized experimentation test; no, don’t worry, it won’t give you random results, but through 2 versions of a product, displayed to different parts of the same audience, performance results are obtained to determine which one works better.

A/B tests can be applied in a variety of markets; we’re talking from social media to websites, and they can even be used in more traditional advertising campaigns like television.

In any case, the end goal is the same: to obtain information about which of the 2 options used has had a better impact on the audience so that in the future, you can continue in that same direction and further enhance future efforts.


What are A/B Tests like in marketing?

Let’s say you want to launch a new advertising campaign on Instagram or Facebook for your brand’s latest product, so you reach out to the copywriting and graphic design team to create the visual element that will be published and promoted on social media through advertising.

Instead of creating just one image that will be advertised for a budget of $100, there would be 2, and each would be advertised for $50 each. This way, you get a broader view of which elements worked for this new product.

But this would be the case for advertising on social media; on websites, for example, you can create 2 pages with different copies that appear to the public under certain circumstances to evaluate which one performs better.


Why are A/B Tests important?

There are different reasons why using A/B testing can make a difference in the number of conversions a company has, so it’s difficult to mention them all; although we do want to talk about those that might motivate you to use this method.


Increased profitability

Using A/B tests in your marketing strategy, web design, or advertising can help you more easily find the type of content that interests your audience and leads them to take action, whether it’s a purchase, inquiry, subscription, etc.

This will help you shorten the path to understanding what they’re looking for, so conversions will come sooner.


Use the right copy

You decide how long both copy options are facing the public, but the percentage of results can tell you when it’s time to choose one of them.

Perhaps test A gives you 10 conversions on the first day, but test B gives you 50. Clearly, the second copy worked better, so you could do away with the other.



Let’s go back to the example of social media where you invest in advertising for 2 completely different copies. Why would you invest in one with lower effectiveness if you’ve already seen the conversion rates of both?

A/B testing will help you make these investments profitable in the short, medium, and long term to obtain better conversion results.


Know your target

By having different copies, images, etc., published, you can obtain interesting data that will help you better understand your target audience to create more and better content that aligns with their interests.


Build loyalty with your audience

While A/B testing is an excellent tool for studying the audience, making profitable decisions, and paying attention to all sorts of details, you can also use it to create stronger connections with your target audience.


What’s New for A/B Testing in indgital?

At indigital, we’re experts in implementing Smart A/B testing. This differs from the traditional model, where after a test with an equal number of users for both strategies, the one with better results will be presented to the others.

However, we offer a more efficient, improved, and polished model thanks to the use of Artificial Intelligence. In our system, metrics are evaluated gradually to show users the version that is more profitable for your company or brand, which will help you achieve more conversions.

The best part is that setting up smart A/B tests will only take you a few minutes, so you won’t have to worry about learning to use complex tools or taking courses or training your employees.

And in just minutes, you’ll have access to unique segmentation features for your A/B tests with InDigital, such as the ability to incorporate multimedia content, segment by geolocation, and optimize by trimming. All of this, along with detailed analysis and downloading of all data reports obtained to better analyze and study all the campaigns you’ve conducted.


At indigital, we believe in the importance of creating better connections and providing facilities to companies and brands like yours. So, if you’re interested in improving your conversions, we recommend our Smart A/B Testing system so you can see for yourself how you can increase your conversions in no time.

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