Are your business digital communications ready for Black Friday?

23 NOV. 2022
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Are your business digital communications ready for Black Friday?

Digital sales skyrocket in the final stretch of the year as a result of the celebration of black friday. Therefore, it is the ideal time for you to check if the communication channels available to your firm are the most effective.

Get up to date with those that customers prefer when contacting your company. Taking care of their experience is key for your business volume to increase on these dates.

Digital sales break records at this time

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, online sales have experienced an upward trend globally, with the highest peaks in the months of November and December. Black Friday deals and discounts boost shopping. The same happens with the Christmas festivities, which invite you to buy the most diverse gifts.

Historical records were achieved last year. To begin with, during cyber week purchases worth 275 billion dollars were made, which represented an increase of 2% compared to 2020. Experts predict that spending in 2022 will rise approximately 18%.

The upward trend was even more pronounced in Christmas 2021. Digital sales increased by close to 11% and, for this year, Deloitte predicts a new growth of 13.5%. Although this forecast refers to the United States, it can be extrapolated to other countries to get an idea of ​​the development of the imminent campaign.

The channels with which to communicate immediately with your client

If you want to take advantage of the sales growth predicted by the experts, you should first review your communication strategy. Make sure it suits the needs of your customers. At indigitall we propose these incoming channels:

  • WhatsApp Business API. It is the most used channel. It allows you to respond to users quickly and automatically.
  • Facebook. It is about enabling a chatbot in this social network that offers answers immediately. It also makes recommendations, such as the one focused on encouraging the public to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Push Notifications. Communications that arrive quickly and directly to customers who have previously agreed to receive notifications. Notify your customers about promotions, offers, new content… apply retargeting to avoid abandoned carts, etc.
  • Push App Notifications. Increase interactions with your customers and make your app more relevant, increasing its use.
  • Web chat. Its operation is similar to the previous channel, with the difference that it works on your website. The service you can provide will be similar to what you would offer in a physical store.
  • Chat App. If you have developed an application for your company, you only need to add a chat. You will contribute to loyalty thanks to personalized messages
  • Mobile wallet. Digitize your loyalty cards including the colors of your brand, including through these cards different types of communication such as exclusive and personalized promotions for each type of customer.

At indigitall we have also developed an omnichannel customer journey solution that will be very useful for you. With it, you will be able to serve all of your customers regardless of the channel you use. Artificial intelligence plays a key role in personalizing messages and getting them to the end user at the right time and in the right way.

In short, make the most of the upcoming dates and increase your digital sales with these solutions. If you need more information, do not hesitate to visit our website and follow us on LinkedIn. Contact us and try the free version of our different products.

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