Chatbot, a solution for the future

11 APR. 2022
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Chatbot, a solution for the future

The chatbot has become an incredibly interesting technology in today’s complex times. In addition, it is called to be an extraordinary channel of personalized communication at a distance. Do you want to know what its benefits are?

What a chatbot offers us

When we talk about chatbots, we refer to computer programs that use artificial intelligence to hold conversations with different types of audiences. They materialize, today, in different technological realities. Each chatbot project is unique and, as such, has distinct characteristics. A good number of chatbots are supported by a decision tree that is elaborated from frequently asked questions among the public.

In addition, you will also find more complex chatbots capable of interpreting language and interactions, in order to provide natural responses in writing or with a seemingly human voice. They are based on artificial intelligence and are, without a doubt, the immediate and decisive future of this technology.

Thanks to them, you can bet on conversational marketing 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You will free up human resources and optimize productivity from this approach.

Advantages of chatbots

Among the latest technological advances, the main contributions of chatbots are the following:

  • Maximum availability. The chatbot is always available to users.
  • Scalable and ubiquitous customer support.
  • The best minimization of waiting times.
  • Greater responsiveness.
  • Saving of human, temporary and economic resources.
  • Maximum knowledge and interactivity.
  • Immediate personalization, because they are able to identify the consumer, consult their history and better adapt their answers according to those circumstances.
  • Greater stimulation of the interlocutor, thanks to the sending of push images.
  • Great capacity for segmentation of communications.
  • Multichannel service. The interaction with the public is specified in the channel that it decides: web, app, instant messaging, etc.
  • Substantial advances in the geolocation of attention.
  • Compilation of customer data. Through the information collected, it is easy to categorize and qualify the categories of contacts, as well as identify their expectations, preferences and needs.
  • Regular monitoring of results.
  • Significant improvement in decision making.


Access to the new world

Thanks to our technological solutions such as WhatsApp Business API, you will have the opportunity to attend, meet, influence and attract your customers at any time of the day and night. Always with maximum efficiency, you will collect very valuable information to multiply conversions.

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