Create dynamic and interactive spaces on your website for each user and design your own forms

23 MAY. 2023
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Create dynamic and interactive spaces on your website for each user and design your own forms

There are several ways to capture leads and convert a user into a potential customer. From having a dynamic page and interactive resources to designing a form. These are some of the most useful tools to know the tastes of visitors. 

From indigitall we advise you to focus on the personalization and automation of web content according to the profile, interest and behavior of each user. How? by creating forms and dynamic spaces in which each web visitor can interact.

Encourage user interaction with your brand 

A website has to be attractive and dynamic to capture users’ attention. For this reason, every year new trends and designs emerge to achieve this. It is vital to create interactive messages where the user can participate and make decisions. In this context we can talk about banners, surveys, CTA buttons, promotions or personalized messages. This last point is where our marketing automation platform comes in and with which a better conversion can be achieved thanks to the use of its own artificial intelligence.

By establishing a more relevant and direct communication you will achieve: a greater impact, more user satisfaction and an increase in conversion.

The idea is that the web structure responds to the user’s needs and creates a unique design. You should always adapt the content to the behavior of the users in the different channels. Undoubtedly, this opens up a great number of opportunities for brands, whose goal is to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

We all know that connecting with the audience in such a competitive digital world is not easy. Therefore, the possibility of transforming content, according to the browsers or devices that are most used, will serve to create greater impact.

At indigitall we highlight inWeb communications as a very effective marketing strategy as it complies with all the guidelines mentioned above. In addition, if we want to multiply the impact of the content, they can be complemented with other solutions such as: e-mail, Web Push; Mobile Wallet; WhatsApp or SMS.

InWeb messages are not intrusive, so you do not need to ask for permission or informational notice. It is enough for the user to visit your website and your communication will appear.

Personalized forms

Forms have become a necessary alternative to get to know our audience better. Through the indigitall platform, you can create a form to capture information and thus feed your database progressively when a user enters your website. Thanks to this information and the tool’s ability to segment according to user preferences, you will be able to create a Customer Journey of communication using various channels. This data will help to improve the user experience and create a more satisfactory communication, with a greater guarantee of success.

Use cases

  • Personalized content: Improve the user experience and send more relevant messages according to their interests and behavior.

  • Interactive communications: Includes personalized recommendations for each user and drives user decision-making.

  • Impactful messages: InWeb communications allow the creation of very attractive spaces.

  • Advertising: Establish personalized promotions and monetize your space with non-invasive advertising.

  • Data collection: Forms are vital for the development of inbound marketing strategies, requests for feedback and segmentation according to user preferences.

If you want to complement this information and learn more about this channel, download our ebook here

indigitall is a marketing automation platform that allows you to create a customer journey map with several channels and is a great help for all types of companies. So much so, that you can reduce costs by 35% and increase sales by 30%. If you have any doubts, you can contact us to offer you the best automated solution.

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