ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes the creative process

09 MAY. 2023
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ChatGPT: Artificial Intelligence revolutionizes the creative process

indigitall integrates the ChatGPT application into its console to offer a better, simpler and more agile user experience. And, above all, because it generates more successful campaigns.


ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed with learning techniques by the OpenAI company during 2022. This application writes appropriate texts in seconds, on any subject and according to the user’s requirements. For this reason, indigitall introduces the content assistant so that its clients can create campaigns more easily and quickly and, in addition to obtaining a text prepared with artificial intelligence, optimized and capable of increasing the conversion rate of the campaigns.

Tone and language

It should be noted that the integration made by indigitall improves the use of ChatGPT since it supports the choice of 7 voice tones (casual, professional, straightforward, confident, friendly, funny and excited), as well as the possibility of including emojis and the selection of some keywords that the chatbot will take into account when preparing the text.


Likewise, the indigitall assistant allows the elaboration of the campaign in any language, guaranteeing the use of the correct grammar and an adequate context. In this way, it is possible to write in the mother tongue for different recipients, which greatly increases the impact and conversion of the communications. “65% of e-commerce consumers prefer to buy in their native language” (CSA Research).


In the images below, you can check its easy use and the result. Once the text is created by the chatbot, the campaign draft is automatically created to edit as required before sending or scheduling its delivery.



The draft of the campaign is as follows: ready to send!



For any questions, please contact our sales department at and we will be happy to help you to resolve any doubts.