Increase the performance of your APP with App Push Notifications

08 FEB. 2023
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Increase the performance of your APP with App Push Notifications

App push notifications are those messages that arrive from any of the applications installed on the mobile phone.
Today, a user has an average of 40 apps installed on his smartphone, taking into account this volume it is essential to carry out a communication strategy that makes your application used, without becoming saturated.

In this communication strategy, app push notifications play an important role as they are programmed to notify the user of relevant information of interest. For example, they can inform you about breaking news, brand news, exclusive offers, medical appointment reminders, etc.

At the end of 2015, Internet access from mobile devices soared, surpassing desktop computers for the first time. Let’s remember that the use of apps underwent a huge increase in 2017 and the trend continues to rise, as the time we spend using mobile applications continues to increase o year after year.

Through this communication we manage to build user loyalty, in turn making them use our app by increasing interaction rates.

To execute this strategy successfully, there are 2 steps that must be fulfilled.
  • The app owner must manage the messages from a control panel.
  • The consumer must activate the notifications: he must be convinced to do so.
If you already have your own app, you can take advantage of this tool to improve communication with your customers. It is an excellent strategy to keep your audience loyal. Remember that our goal is to make the user fall in love, not to overwhelm them.

Advantages of this type of notifications

  • The application does not have to be running at the time of sending the notification.
  • The sending of messages is instantaneous, when a notification is available on the server, it will reach the users according to the established segmentation.
  • Improves the user’s shopping experience, generating interactions. This encourages the use of the application.
  • You can redirect the user to a specific section of the app. Without having to make the user open it again.

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