How Chatbots and Call Centers WhatApp Business API integrate and offer

11 APR. 2022
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How Chatbots and Call Centers WhatApp Business API integrate and offer

Are you thinking of enriching two-way communication with your leads or customers thanks to WhatsApp Business API? Effectively, automating the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) or redirecting those doubts to an agent, if required by the interested party, improves the user experience.

You may think that something so complex requires a long time to implement. Well, in indigitall we can create a bot to suit you and integrate the service in all channels (WhatsApp, web, app, Facebook Messenger, etc.) in just one week. We tell you what this integration implies and what it allows for your company:


Chatbot in WhatsApp Business API

Maybe your first question is: How can a chatbot be integrated? In two ways. On the one hand, getting the user to move through the system thanks to a chat-guided menu, and on the other, by writing keywords that will lead to the answer. “What are the sales hours?”, “Where is the nearest store?”, “What is the situation of my order?” Frequent requests, such as these, with detailed information for each user, can be resolved in real time. That is, with this solution we would be automating the experience and enabling 24/7 attention. 

It is possible to send appointment reminders, incident resolution or delivery communication of an order. Also videos, images… And it can even be implemented in different languages. And, as we have mentioned, this service is not closed: it is customized for each company. For example, your company may want to integrate a bot on the web, mobile app, and Facebook Messenger, all from a single platform. Or, perhaps, you are only looking to incorporate a call center service at certain times and on certain days.


How the call center service works

If you choose this service, a person on your team will be able to respond in a personalized way to the customer who requests more complex information through a keyword such as “agent“. This employee will have access to the history of conversations, and will be able to ask the user for information: for example, to send a photo of their ID or their contract, a quote, etc., to process their requests in real time.


Agents and supervisor

Solving doubts instantly streamlines the processes and increases the time we can allocate to other tasks. You should also know that agents can attend simultaneus conversations. In addition, it is possible to transfer them to agents who are fluent in a specific language, to an expert in finance, in law… This action is carried out through the supervisor’s profile, which is also enabled to change the status of the agents, from “available” to “not available”. Likewise, this figure in charge of managing the efficiency of the group will be able to finish conversations and analyze the statistics by agent. 


The importance of analytics

The benefits of this tool don’t end there. It also offers you weekly, biweekly and monthly statistics on the number of conversations recorded or on the menus most used by consumers, among other things. In this way, it is possible to study if the evolution of the service is being adequate or if we need to improve it. 

And what is the result of integrating a chatbot or contact center agents with WhatsApp Business API? The client is satisfied, when he begins to ask after a single click and when he sees his waiting time reduced in the resolution of his requests. Meanwhile, your company optimizes the management of its time and resources while improving its production.

If you have more questions here we leave you a video where we explain it in more detail.