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Shopify: Recover your potential customers

Recover abandoned carts and grow your business. With the shopify app you can retain the customers you’ve already won.

Get your users to successfully complete the purchase

The percentage of abandoned shopping carts is over 65%, from indigitall we help you to reduce this percentage, significantly increasing the ratio of successfully completed purchases.

Contact your customers through an alternative and direct channel

In this way, with just one click, users who have abandoned a shopping cart will be able to automatically access their shopping cart, significantly boosting the likelihood of a successful checkout.

Increase traffic to your website

This powerful tool can help you keep your users coming back to your website,
so you can make the most of the traffic you were getting.

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Recover inactive customers

Ads can be shown to inactive customers to win them back and motivate them to make a purchase again.
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Increase brand awareness

You can show ads to people who have visited your website to remind them of your brand and products.
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Improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns

By targeting people who have already shown interest in your website or products, you increase the likelihood of conversion.

Improve communication with your customers

At indigitall we offer our clients multiple options for brands to communicate with their customers.

indigitall has developed
artificial intelligence functionalities

Write the text whose words are most likely to be clicked on, taking into account our data analysis and study of purchasing behaviour.
Send the message at the most suitable time for it to be opened and clicked on.
Data analysis and study of purchasing behaviour.
Segmenting the public into groups in order to make communications more tailored to each profile according to their characteristics and consumer habits.
Test messages in real time so that the best version is sent to the recipients in the majority of cases.