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WhatsApp Business API
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The best software on the market
It is the most used messaging platform in the world to communicate
Generate trusted conversations with your customers.
Drive business results in the customer journey.
Fast and personalized customer service.
A scalable solution that offers customizable communication on a large scale.
The API has built-in user feedback controls. This helps ensure that engagement stays high over time.
WhatsApp is a simple, reliable, and private way to connect customers with businesses and vice versa
Protected by Signal
Every WhatsApp message, including messages between people and businesses, is protected with the same industry-leading Signal encryption protocol that protects messages from before they are sent until they are delivered to the recipient.
Direct and live communication with your customers
Respond to all the questions that may arise in the purchase journey of your customers, sending them all kinds of information including images, pdf’s, or videos, you can also share location.
Automated messages 24 /7
Send segmented messages informing about new personalized content.
Do you need to communicate new products? offers?
send a reminder to clients for an appointment?
Respond to your users’ questions, send tickets or bills after purchase or inform your customers about the availability of products or services.
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The indigitall support team is available 24/7.
Our service is distinguished by the immediacy and quality that we offer to our clients. Our experience and team are our guarantee.
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Big companies already trust indigitall
Atlético de Madrid
A chatbot that answers most questions in several languages, a linked menu with different options among other advantages.
This is how Atlético have improved the user experience
Carrefour has wanted to provide a customer service characterized by immediacy and fluidity, which is very simple and intuitive for its users that also has the live agent service.
Envialia has incorporated the live chat to automate communication processes. If your company also handles a large number of customers.
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