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Web Push in the media and entertainment industry

21 NOV. 2022
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Web Push in the media and entertainment industry

The different use cases of web push in the media and entertainment sector confirm that this alternative is perfect for businesses in this market niche. For this reason, we have thought of collecting them so that you can check the suitability of this proposal.


Use cases with web push in businesses related to media and entertainment


If there is any sector that requires constant contact with clients, the submission of proposals and the updating of the events calendar, it is the media and entertainment sector. Web push notifications help make your website essential to keep up to date with everything you offer. Check it out in the following examples.


Sending media files


Imagine that you want to promote a specific show. If when accessing your page a video appears with a small preview, it will always be easier for you to sell tickets in less time. Remember that these notifications adapt to all browsers, so choosing the right file can lead to hundreds of conversions.


An abandoned shopping cart reminder message


If you notice that the abandonment rate in the purchase process on your website is too high, perhaps you should analyze why. You should remind your customers who left products in the cart that they still haven’t paid for. This way you will confirm if it is a matter of disinterest or if it was a simple oversight or a specific technical problem. In addition, you will confirm your concern for those who trusted you and decided not to complete their purchase.


The personalization of each proposal


Who accesses your page can do so to know what you do or to review your catalog. In both cases, it is always good to encourage them to subscribe to your email campaigns or to open an account. By doing so, you will be able to segment your audience and design notifications personalized for each user.


For example, imagine that a customer usually buys concert tickets for a specific type of music or requests a specific service from you. Customizing the promotion prevents your notifications from being annoying and invites you to purchase or request a quote depending on each case.

Personalized marketing is one of the most reliable resources to achieve the goal of increasing the level of profits. Likewise, when you start a web push notification strategy, it is possible to measure its results and check which ones have generated the most benefits for you. Depending on this information, you will be able to repeat the strategy in the future or modify it so that it is more in line with the tastes of your clients.


The previous use cases with web push serve to confirm that it is an option as reliable as it is necessary, to better adapt to the needs of your clients. On the indigitall LinkedIn account, we publish content related to the resources within your reach to sell more. Subscribe and modernize your proposal with our help. You will be surprised at the results obtained.