Artificial Intelligence selects the best “when” for message delivery

13 OCT. 2022
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Artificial Intelligence selects the best “when” for message delivery

The time factor is essential in the result of our campaigns so we must send our message at the best time for its opening and clicking.


And do our users share that best moment? The answer is no; for this reason, indigitall has devised the way in which you can get the most out of your campaigns by developing a functionality based on machine learning technology. Through an artificial intelligence module, the behavior of each user is analyzed through their devices connected to the brand.

With the Best Time option, of manual delivery, you will have the assurance that your message arrives at the most optimal time to each device of the different users:


  • Increasing the CTR of your communications 
  • Improving the user experience

best moment

The importance of time factor

At first glance, the “when” seems an arbitrary factor. When will be the best time for each of my users? Do they follow a homogeneous behavior? 

These questions can only be answered by artificial intelligence through machine learning technology, consisting of learning from the behavior of each user by collecting and analyzing each of their interactions with the brand to foresee a pattern of expected behavior.


Take advantage of the Best Time option to reach each of your users at that moment that is most likely to react with your message, simultaneously improving their user experience and the results of your campaign.