Connected vehicles and smart cities through the collaboration of Ford Spain, Alcobendas city council, indigitall and RadMas

11 JAN. 2023
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Connected vehicles and smart cities through the collaboration of Ford Spain, Alcobendas city council, indigitall and RadMas



The close collaboration between Ford Spain, the Alcobendas city council, indigitall and the “technology provider” Radmas have made it possible that from now on all drivers of a Ford vehicle can receive a push notification in real time about the road situation and traffic. Among other things, accidents, street closures, detours or traffic events will be reported.

A firm commitment to innovation and technology


There are many apps that help assisted navigation for drivers, but the differentiating point of this technology is that to date no app communicated directly with the vehicle. While with the city app of the City Council of Alcobendas it will be understood with Ford’s SYNC technology. The data will be received through the Ford SYNC screen, so the driver will not have to manipulate the mobile device, thus increasing his safety and that of his companions if he had them.

In addition, these notifications will be sent considering the location of the vehicle, so that the police authorities will be able to send notifications in real time about any event related to traffic that may alter or change the ordinary operation of traffic or the road. Another differentiating point is also that these notifications will be sent only to drivers who are close to the affected road, this makes the messages that are sent have a high impact and are highly efficient and useful for drivers and generate a great benefit for all the citizens of Alcobendas.

Only targeted messages will be sent to people who may be affected, avoiding unnecessary news volume and unnecessary distraction from drivers.


According to statements by the Mayor of Alcobendas Rafael Sánchez Acera “This project has three points. On the one hand, that from the Alcobendas City Council we put very large companies in contact with other small or incipient that also have large projects. Another, that Alcobendas is a great urban laboratory and, thirdly, that the collaboration of the public and the private is essential for the development of a city. “


Juan Carlos de la Vela, who was also present on behalf of indigitall as CEO at the event in Alcobendas, stating that “Innovation through new digital channels allows communication at the right time, place and device.”


The objective is to create  friendly and more efficient cities, including a safer circulation for all citizens.






This action is included in Ford Mobility, an area whose purpose is to design, develop and invest in mobility and connectivity services of the future that open up new opportunities for business, help transform and modernize Ford Motor Company, and provide customers with customers valuable products and experiences.


In Europe, Ford Mobility operates in the UK, Germany and Spain. In 2017 they started their activities in Spain to develop pilot projects related to mobility connected and electrified commercial.


In the words of Jesús Alonso, president and CEO of Ford Spain: “This is yet another example of Ford’s firm commitment to connectivity as a tool for safer and more efficient mobility. Much of the smart infrastructure needed for a truly connected world is already in place today; and Ford vehicles already have the technology needed to design cities that avoid accidents or loss of time for their inhabitants due to traffic problems ”


With this project developed in collaboration with the Alcobendas City Council, Ford demonstrates once again its willingness to lead urban connectivity and, therefore, its capacity to propose other collaborative projects that advance in this same direction, where the right conditions are met.