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The Media Sector is in the middle of a process of change, where the traditional model is being reconfigured to give way to a model that is increasingly leveraged in the digital market. Content consumption is increasingly digital and enables a free rein to be given to the audience’s need to consume “fresh” content in the moment and immediately.

In this context, our communications solution through applications and the web is absolutely important, since it enables an increasingly large audience to be reached and impacted with immediate and increasingly segmented content, which, in turn, contributes in lasting ways to the very significant increase in traffic to the web and to the app and, therefore, in advertising revenue. Among the multiple use cases, we would like to highlight the following:

1) Real time communications of news and news content.

Communications based on the audience’s preferences of the main news of the moment. Real time sending (in seconds) of millions of simultaneous communications so that the audience is always informed.

2) Geolocated communications and geofencing.

Knowing at all times the Customer’s position is key in order to personalise communications, since it enables nearby communications (local of regional news vs. global news). Also, through geofencing actions, we can identify when a Customer approaches an event (concert, sporting event, etc), kiosk or physical point of sale of content, in order to establish communication with them.

3) Segmented communication based on the user’s preferences, based on their browsing within the app and/or the web.

Our solution enables automatic segmentations of the audience to be created based on its preferred articles and topics of interest, in order for us to keep customers up-to-date, based on their preferences and interests. This enables you to know your audience very well, even if it is anonymous (if it has not identified itself or signed in) in order to significantly impact it.

4) Interactive communications to profile audience preferences, conducting opinion polls in real time and conducting satisfaction surveys.

Open the debate with your audience and ask its opinion on any topical issue, in order to know in real time its position on a certain topic. Also, interactive communications enable you to conduct satisfaction surveys immediately and to find out preferences, in order to better segment communications (do you want us to keep you informed on a certain event or content?).

5) …And always with an image!

Communications are much more effective and impactful if they are accompanied by an image. Communications with an image are of a much higher quality and generate positive stimuli for Customers. Furthermore, at indigitall we have developed a unique dispatch system through animated GIFs that will amaze your audience.

These are some of the use case examples of communications through the indigitall solution, but there are many more. For more information, you can get in touch with us via the following address: