Banking / Insurance sector

Use cases

TheBanking Sector is immersed in a profound digital transformation process with the purpose of improving its Customers’ experience with regard to its omnichannel strategy and also cost reduction by providing its Customers with new and alternative tools to operate and interact with the Bank through its digital channels.

In this context, establishing efficient, personal communication with its users through their applications and websites is revealing itself as a key and strategic key. Defining the “push customer journeys” in which this effective communication is relevant is an exercise that all Banks must tackle with a strategic vision to build up loyalty among/capture its Customers. Among the multiple use cases, we would like to highlight the following:

1) Operational and segmented communications

Communications based on the daily transactions ofthe Customer, such as ATM cash withdrawal, notification of debit or credit in the account, notifications of incidents, confirmation of transactions, etc

Our recommendation is for the Customer itself to configure such alerts, which ones it wants to receive and from which parameters.

2) Geolocated communications and geofencing.

Knowing the Customer’s position at all times is key in order to personalise communications and bring value to the Customer. Use cases:

a. when a Customer is near an office in order to attract it to said office if it has an incident pending.

b. When we detect that the Customer is outside the country or outside the EU, in order to inform it of the roaming services available.

c. When the Customer approaches a shopping centre or event, in order to remind it of the services available.

3) Commercial communications enriched and segmented on the basis of the Customer’s preferences or needs. Examples:

a. Pre-approved loan in the event that a customer has just made a transaction over X euros or in the case of detecting a potential overdraft in its current account.

b. Incentive to provide the payroll.

c. Proposal for new products and services based on the Customer’s profile: Mortgages, Life, motorbike, car, family, home insurance, Pension plans.

4) Interactive communications for satisfaction surveys.

Our solution enables us to know in real time whether or not the Customer is satisfied with us by being able to ask in the actual notification whether, for example, after making a transaction, the service provided was the right one.

5) Notifications inbox.

Very important so that the Customer can always recover all those notifications sent and remember actions pending, proposals and offers.

6) …and always with an image!

Communications are much more effective and impactful if they are accompanied by an image. Greater trust and security are generated and messages and proposals are retained much better. Communications with image are of a much higher quality and generate positive stimuli for customers.