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with our enriched push messages

Segmented Notifications


The key to good communication is to take into account the users preferences and to provide value at all times. Not all information, news, promotion, is relevant to everyone, and even if it is, it will not be at the same time, context, day, frequency, etc.

segmentadas1To carry out this customization, indigitall is easily integrated with the main CRM platforms (Saleforce, Dynamics, etc.) and also provides additional layers of segmentation based on different criteria:

  • User preferences based on previous presses not pressed
  • Location (localized offers / information)
  • User navigation through the Clients app and website (we infer preferences based on browsing experience, or define with Triggers Client to send communications based on that experience)
  • Downloaded applications (allows us to profile the users tastes)
  • Frequency of use of the app and the web (based on the last time the user entered the app or website)

segmentadas2All this, together with the possibility of customizing the message based on variable and configurable parameters that allow us, as an example, for cases such as the following:

  • Address the user by name: "Dear Juan ..."
  • Make reference to a specific operation performed in real time: "You have just made a purchase of 180.46 euros ...”
  • Remember the schedule of a flight: "Flight IB5566 has confirmed the boarding gate A158, which will open at 5:20 pm"

Sending with images stimulates the recipient to display the messages and activates the desire to click to find out more, to obtain a benefit.

The indigitall platform enables you to segment, in accordance with the user’s browsing profile in your application and/or website, their tastes and preferences.

Improve customer experience in your application and/or website with our integrated library that enables you to carry out communications in accordance with the user’s position.

Interactive notifications enable you to ask and listen to your user without the need to open the application, to better know their interests and to conduct satisfaction surveys.

We generate a weekly and monthly report for you with all the information on your campaigns. You will be able to measure your customers’ conversion and assess your campaign’s success.