Improve your conversion and engagement

with our enriched push messages

Geolocated PUSH Notifications




Through the indigitall solution, you will be able to know the position at all times of your users, if they agree to share their location

Communicate with your audience at the right time and place:

  • When you are near your business during commercial opening hours ... invite your Clients to enter your establishment!
  • When we detect that there is a point of interest where it is relevant to communicate: airport, subway stations, train, shopping centre, area of the competition, zone partners, etc.
  • When they are in an area, street, neighbourhood, city, district, country

And do it automatically, using the "geofencing" option as often as you need, to ensure the best experience for your Clients:

funcionalidades-geolocalizadas21)  Define all critical areas for your business, where you consider it appropriate to communicate with your Client and the impact perimeter.

  • Mark an entire street, walk, park, airport. The shape of the marked area is decided by you
  • Mark all your stores / restaurants / centres and define a radius of action (e.g.: 200 meters)

2) Establish the shipping criteria, so that your communications are relevant:

  • To which segment of your customer portfolio you are addressing
  • How often do you want to impact them (for example: maximum 1 time every 7 days)
  • In what days and hours we want to impact (e.g.: only working days, during business hours)

3) Define the message you want to be delivered automatically


Sending with images stimulates the recipient to display the messages and activates the desire to click to find out more, to obtain a benefit.

The indigitall platform enables you to segment, in accordance with the user’s browsing profile in your application and/or website, their tastes and preferences.

Improve customer experience in your application and/or website with our integrated library that enables you to carry out communications in accordance with the user’s position.

Interactive notifications enable you to ask and listen to your user without the need to open the application, to better know their interests and to conduct satisfaction surveys.

We generate a weekly and monthly report for you with all the information on your campaigns. You will be able to measure your customers’ conversion and assess your campaign’s success.