Improve your conversion and engagement

with our enriched push messages

Executive Dashboard and Advanced Analytics

Follow the results of your campaigns in real time!

The indigitall statistics module allows you, in a very visual and intuitive way, to know the impact of all your communications


Our statistics module allows you, in real time:

  • Visualize the results of a specific period that you define
  • Display the result campaign to campaign: number of customers impacted and opening ratio
  • View the results in an aggregated or separated form by iOS, Android or web
  • Identify the most and least successful campaigns
  • Export all the information with the corresponding filters, with the detail by user of when you have received the notification, if you have pressed or not, what day and at what time you have pressed

In addition, indigitall issues a weekly report with very rich information activity summary:

  • High and low number of clients in the app and the web
  • Net clients connected
  • Heat map, where customers are located
  • Campaigns with greater and lesser success
  • Hours and days of higher / lower impact


Measures the conversion of your campaigns: the indigitall solution allows you to track and trace the success of your campaigns, so you can measure the conversion ratio of them.

Connects indigitall to your Analytics tool, whatever it is (Google Analytics, ComScore, Adobe Analytics, etc.)

Sending with images stimulates the recipient to display the messages and activates the desire to click to find out more, to obtain a benefit.

The indigitall platform enables you to segment, in accordance with the user’s browsing profile in your application and/or website, their tastes and preferences.

Improve customer experience in your application and/or website with our integrated library that enables you to carry out communications in accordance with the user’s position.

Interactive notifications enable you to ask and listen to your user without the need to open the application, to better know their interests and to conduct satisfaction surveys.

We generate a weekly and monthly report for you with all the information on your campaigns. You will be able to measure your customers’ conversion and assess your campaign’s success.