Improve your conversion and engagement

with our enriched push messages

PUSH notifications with animated image


Create greater affinity with your customers with more personal communications, with enriched communications. And it is worth more an image than a thousand words.

The images stimulate the receiver to visualize the push messages, and when they are visualized, the desire to click and know more is activated to obtain a benefit. Performing communications with several images (animated GIF or video) causes the desire to multiply by having more mental images and benefits.

Through the indigitall solution, in a very intuitive, easy and immediate way you can send your communications always with image and even with animated GIFs. You upload the image and we take care of delivering it to your users with the best definition and adapted to the different operating systems used by your customers on your mobile or PC.


Our solution will allow you to:funcionalidades-enriquecidas2

  • Send image notifications on both Android and iOS for appPush as well as Chrome for webPush
  • Send Animated Gif
  • Send videos on iOS
  • Send communications that when clicked directly trigger a video associated with the notification


Sending with images stimulates the recipient to display the messages and activates the desire to click to find out more, to obtain a benefit.

The indigitall platform enables you to segment, in accordance with the user’s browsing profile in your application and/or website, their tastes and preferences.

Improve customer experience in your application and/or website with our integrated library that enables you to carry out communications in accordance with the user’s position.

Interactive notifications enable you to ask and listen to your user without the need to open the application, to better know their interests and to conduct satisfaction surveys.

We generate a weekly and monthly report for you with all the information on your campaigns. You will be able to measure your customers’ conversion and assess your campaign’s success.