Strategic agreement between Indigitall and Stratesys

With this alliance, Stratesys becomes a key partner in Indigitalls internationalization process

Madrid, July 5, 2018.- The digital services multinational Stratesys has recently sealed a global alliance with Indigitall, an automated digital marketing platform. With this new agreement, Stratesys is providing its customers with a better user experience through the distribution of the innovative mobility solutions developed by Indigitall.

The Indigitall solution is based on a digital relationship with the client / user that allows you to send push notifications with animated, personalized, interactive and geolocated images to your smartphones, tablets and computers. This new generation of mobility solutions, together with artificial intelligence, allows its clients to carry out segmented communications using the mobile application and / or web pages, and to better understand the needs and preferences of customers, predict their consumption habits and, in sum, understand them and fidelize them better.

Within the framework of this alliance, Stratesys, which has a presence in 8 countries in Europe, Asia and America, has become a key partner in Indigitalls internationalization process and an exclusive partner for the distribution and implementation of its solutions in various markets. Latin America and North America

For both Stratesys and Indigitall, this agreement is an opportunity for business growth and improvement of the services they provide in the field of digital marketing.

The CEO of Indigitall, Juan Carlos de la Vela, remarked that "this agreement allows us to grow internationally with a trusted partner, and replicate the great success we are having in Spain and other countries."

About Stratesys

International projects carried out in 60 countries, more than 300 clients and a team of 850 professionals distributed between the headquarters in Spain, Portugal, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and China are some of the main assets of Stratesys. 20 years running more than 1,000 projects and developing business and technology solutions, Stratesys has become a leading multinational in ICT services and one of the largest specialists in SAP technology. A model of success with which it has doubled its turnover in the last five years, to exceed 52 million euros, and which has consolidated it as one of the main references in the sector.

For his part, Ramón Montané, co-CEO of Stratesys, stressed that "from Stratesys we promote the digital transformation of our customers, facilitating their rapid adoption and incorporating the best available innovation in each technological area, integrating it into our digital assets. That is why we consider this alliance important, which will allow our customers to adopt this leading technology in their category. "