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The advantages of SMS for the consumer goods sector

23 NOV. 2022
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The advantages of SMS for the consumer goods sector

The consumer goods sector is experiencing a golden age, but at the same time it is complicated. The competition is enormous and making a difference is becoming more and more complicated. This situation has caused us to think about how to mitigate the effects of this constant struggle for conversion and to gain a foothold in the market. Thus, we review some successful examples that can serve as inspiration.

Use cases with SMS in the consumer goods sector
If your business belongs to the consumer goods sector, everything will depend on your market niche and how you plan to adapt to the demands of your potential audience.

An appliance store
Exactly the same thought of an appliance store that verified that its promotional email campaigns did not offer the expected results. This caused them to be encouraged to send messages with direct promotions of televisions, electronic devices and specific appliances, always taking into account the previous purchases of each client. The objective was to achieve, in two sentences, to offer a complementary product to the one purchased. Likewise, they were invited to go to the store to see the product and to receive the pertinent explanations of each model. Without a doubt, the campaign was a complete success and sales increased significantly.

A pizzeria
This idea originated in the United States. The customer received an SMS in which he was offered a full pizza for 10 dollars when its price in the store is around 20. This promotion was carried out on days with few sales and to all customers. The result was $9 revenue per pizza and, of course, hundreds of orders.

A car brand
There are two variants in this section. The first consists of the dealership sending an SMS to a customer who bought a car some time ago with the intention that he discover and test a new model. The second is to announce the promotions of the company’s workshops to change the tires or carry out the corresponding revisions. Between the direct offer and the reminder is the key to success.

A furniture and decoration store
A famous company decided to send an SMS to its more than 40,000 customers in a Spanish city. Nearly 4,000 took advantage of the offer received in the indicated period. The increase in the level of sales was immediate and, in addition, the gesture and the commitment to such a direct and easy-to-enjoy promotion were appreciated.

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