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SMS for the food and beverage sector

23 NOV. 2022
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SMS for the food and beverage sector
u003cpu003eThe benefits with SMS to promote your business in the food and beverage sector are multiple. For this reason, we consider it essential to organize this information and show you the usefulness of this effective tool.u003c/pu003enu003cpu003eu003cstrongu003eHow are SMS used in the food and beverage industry?u003c/strongu003eu003cbr /u003eSending direct messages to your end customers is part of what is known as outbound channels. Your customer accesses your website or your application to check your offer and choose the products to buy. This journey, which is called the customer journey, sometimes does not become a purchase due to doubts or questions about the process. It is precisely at that moment when you should send a text message asking why it is happening and encouraging them to contact customer service in case of doubt.u003cbr /u003eIt is also possible to send a message that confirms the purchase and includes everything necessary to identify the order number and the corresponding tracking number. Now, after these first two examples, there are other advantages that deserve their own section and that confirm that you are facing an ideal option to promote your offer.u003cbr /u003eu003cbr /u003eu003cstrongu003eThe undoubted benefits with SMS to promote the sale of food and drinku003c/strongu003eu003cbr /u003eThe first step would be the possibility of creating customized campaigns for each customer and sending specific offers. This will keep your company in mind. Also, an SMS has a shorter length than a traditional email. Perhaps this is the key that guarantees that 95% of received messages are opened. In two sentences you must condense all the information, which forces you to be more direct and prevents the end customer from getting bored reading a promotion that they are not interested in.u003cbr /u003eWhen an offer link is included in the SMS, it is much more likely that it will end up being a conversion. Mainly, because they avoid having to enter your website, search for what they want and buy it. The customization options for each message even allow you to include the name of the person, which directly affects the personalization of your proposal. But if this tool is so reliable for something, and now more than ever, it is because it offers the freedom to receive, or not, these messages and without having to fill out a survey or form.u003c/pu003enu003cpu003eindigitall is clear about the benefits of SMS for this sector. We invite you to contact us and try the free version of our services. We will advise you personally and we will put at your disposal the experience of our team of professionals. You will see how your campaigns reach further and become a suitable way to increase your sales. The results will not be long in coming. Trust our proposal and start a new commercial stage. You will notice the difference from the first moment.u003c/pu003e
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