indigitall´s commitment

indigitall was born with the aim of increasing the competitiveness of companies through their digital transformation and the consequent use of automated marketing tools to develop an omnichannel and sustainable strategy. The emerging point of indigitall is technological innovation while our Team and the success of our customers are the other two pillars that sustain our day to day: Innovation – Team – Success



indigitall is committed to the digital transformation of the business sector by supporting its sustainable development policies. The indigitall Team supports and favors environmental care measures such as the unloading of digital materials to the detriment of the consequent waste on paper by prints, in addition to the selective collection of waste in offices and use of biodegradable products. We love our planet and take care of it!


indigitall has a strong international character with workers of different nationalities and cultural fields. The company promotes the incorporation of working women to correct their lower presence in the technology sector and guarantees a deep respect for all the sensitivities of the Team. The diversity of gender, age, ethnic and cultural origin, ideology and sexual orientation is an identifiable feature of indigitall and essential for its success as a reflection of the global market where works.

Personal, family and work conciliation

indigitall promotes conciliation policies such as flexible hours and the modality of remote work several days a week. The well-being and optimal mental health of the entire Team are essential for the management facilitating the realization of activities such as the practice of federated sport, care of children and other relatives, collaboration in NGOs and development of social relationships and hobbies.
Flexible hours
Remote work
Well-being and mental health