WhatsApp Business API. More than one billion people in 180 countries

09 DEC. 2022
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WhatsApp Business API. More than one billion people in 180 countries

More than one billion people in more than 180 countries use WhatsApp, this has turned WhatsApp Business into the new communication channel, which allows large companies to innovate and at the same time reduce their customer service costs.

This service can be integrated quickly, offering an innovative solution for companies in different sectors, for example: Banking, Insurance, Utilities, Retail, etc. being able to have many use cases, based on the most common questions to the call center:

Where is the nearest office?

What are the opening hours of this establishment?

Can I change my access code?

What is the status of my order?

And answer any question asked by the user, being able to consult real-time data from CRM, ERP, etc.

What messages can be sent?
Text-type answers with emojis can be sent through WhatsApp, including images, video, audio, etc. automatically and easily, always as an answer to a customer’s question or request. If required by the end user, the conversation can also be referred to a call center agent.

What types of messages are accepted by this new channel?
Advertising, marketing or promotional messages are not allowed, unless WhatsApp authorizes it in writing. You cannot create games on WhatsApp, that is, any interactive program for one or more players that involves skill, competence or probability.

How much does the service cost to the end user?
The service is free for the end user, it does not require installing any type of special application, since it integrates directly into WhatsApp with a verified company account, guaranteeing security and confidentiality.

What infrastructure does the launch of this new channel require?
indigitall provides the necessary infrastructure of servers and databases in a secure and scalable way. The company can launch this service in a few weeks, once the conversation flows with the client have been defined.

Currently the WhatsApp service allows you to maintain thousands of simultaneous conversations per minute, which allows you to considerably reduce customer service costs both at peak and off-peak hours, and providing an innovative channel used by the vast majority of customers.

Do the messages sent to customers cost the company?
All messages sent in a 24-hour since the end user started or had the last conversation with the company, have no cost to the company by WhatsApp. Once the 24 hours have passed, any communication that the company wants to make to the end customer, has a cost for the company (official WhatsApp prices depending on the country) and only template messages previously approved by WhatsApp can be sent. The use of these templates is only mandatory, once completed 24 hours after the last conversation held with the end customer.

Can I contact any end user after 24 hours of the user contacting me?
You can only contact people via WhatsApp if (1) they provided you with their name and cell phone number, and (2) they agreed to you contact them via WhatsApp. Providing the relevant notices and obtaining the appropriate consents from users is the sole responsibility of the company. This acceptance of permissions can be done easily from the company’s website, or from any other channel that allows obtaining consent for the receipt of messages by the end user.

Can the virtual assistant be configured to our liking?
The chatbot that provides indigitall and manages WhatsApp responses is able to understand natural language, and provides infrastructures to recreate conversations and build dialogues in order to interact with the user in a fluid way.

At what times is the service available?
This service is available 24*7 365 days a year, being able to program that at certain times and days, the conversations that the virtual assistant cannot solve, are directed to personal managers of the call center who can manage up to a limit of 6 simultaneous conversations per agent.

Can I launch the service in multiple languages?
This service is available in several languages. For example, the football club Atlético de Madrid had launched the service in Spanish and English.

What analytics or usage data can I get from this service?
indigitall offers a very complete analytics from its control panel, being able to know the number of users with active conversations, number of daily conversations, sessions per minute, etc. All this information is owned by the company that contracts the service and can be integrated into its dashboard and/or CRM.

How does the GDPR affect?
The company is responsible for complying with applicable law, including maintaining a Privacy Policy and ensuring that it obtains all necessary permissions and consents to collect, store and use content and information from others with whom it communicates on WhatsApp.

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