Economic benefits of using WhatsApp Business API

12 APR. 2022
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Economic benefits of using WhatsApp Business API

If you run a business, surely you already know the economic benefits that the use of WhatsApp for companies can bring you. This app is designed to increase the profits of SMEs, but there is also an API, ideal for creating solutions for companies with more than 5,000 monthly interactions of unique users. Is this your case? In indigitall we tell you what are the generous advantages of WhatsApp Business API.


Economic advantages of WhatsApp Business API

This method automates around 60% of queries. The freeing up of that time makes it possible for workers to focus on other functions and increase their productivity. This will have a positive impact on the economy of the company, which will amortize the expense of the application in the short or medium term. In addition, the service is completely free for the customer.

On the other hand, the tool offers you accurate metrics on messages sent, impressions, total clicks… By having implemented analysis and artificial intelligence modules, you will be able to know the behavior of your users more accurately. This information will allow you to get your campaigns right and convince more buyers in less time, which will lead to an increase in your profits.


Benefits of WhatsApp Business API by sectors

From indigitall we recommend you to include WhatsApp as a corporate channel of communication. Any company that previously attended through email, a call center, social networks or web chat will check the economic benefit in a short space of time. Do you want to see it with examples?

Banks use this resource focusing on the customer experience, who expects an immediate answer to their doubts. Waiting times for customers are shortening and their satisfaction grows. Privileges like these can make a person opt for a certain entity when opening an account.

The jump to WhatsApp Business API of courier companies is already a reality. Users increasingly value knowing where their package is on the route. This advantage links the parcel sector with ecommerce, which, in addition, has the possibility of offering interested customers a complete virtual catalog of products and thus channel the sales processes.

The retail sector also benefits, whose agents can send automated messages for those users who communicate their doubts outside business hours. Feeling cared for at any time will increase your confidence in the brand.

And what about the telecommunications sector? With this tool, your client will be able to choose the time that best suits him to receive a technician at home without having to endure annoying calls. Making life easier is the way for them to trust your service. And this gesture, like all the previous ones, will have a positive impact on your company’s accounts.


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